Cuts protest outside council offices

News PNL-150122-170602001
News PNL-150122-170602001

Anti-cuts campaigners will protest outside the council headquarters on later this month.

Members of Milton Keynes Against The Cuts will hold a vigil ahead of Milton Keynes Council’s budget meeting on Wednesday, February 18. The claim that the £22million of service cuts, which will be introduced over the next 12 months, will hurt the most vulnerable people in the city.

Phil Barnard, chairman of the organisation, said: “We fear these cuts will hit the very poorest, increasing hunger and homelessness.

“Closures would include Citizens Advice Bureau­ to which the council, after earlier cuts, out­sourced its statutory duty to help people in trouble, and the YMCA homeless night­shelter. Other cuts would fall hardest on elderly or disabled or otherwise vulnerable people, young people and bus users.”

He added: “We’ve heard a lot recently about booming, wealth­-creating Milton Keynes. Instead, do we want MK to be known for its callousness to the poor, as­ the only city with no Citizens Advice Bureau? These services are a lifeline for people in trouble ­ and not just the  poorest. Unemployment or ill-­health can hit anyone, and thousands of families in private rented accommodation, insecure or poorly-paid jobs and with few savings, could quickly lose their home. “Councillors must remember they represent us, stand up to government and refuse these cuts.”

Anyone who wants to support the protest can join Milton Keynes Against The Cuts outside the Civic Offices in Silbury Boulevard on February 18 from 6-7pm and afterwards in the council meeting.