Dancer enjoys enlightening experience

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A city dancer was full of enlightenment after performing in the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games.

Rachel Lawrence, 20, was part of the spectacle at the Olympic Stadium in London in front of a packed stadium of 80,000 people, and millions across the world.

She said: “It was really amazing. Despite the fact the stadium was full the only thing you can hear in your ear through the radio is the music you are dancing to.

“When we got off we were screaming ‘I can’t believe we just did that’. But the choreographer said we all looked amazing and people in the stadium said our part was really effective

“We were delayed for about an hour because the torch was late and that added to the nerves a bit but it was OK in the end. We also got to dance in the big finale. It was all just really amazing and a great experience.

Rachel has been dancing since she was around four-years-old and has danced Bollywood at Honeys Dance Academy and Ballet at Centre Stage – two schools both based in Milton Keynes.