Dancing queen from Milton Keynes overcomes spinal condition

7 year old Alex Watson from Milton Keynes who suffers from a serious spinal condition known as Scoliosis
7 year old Alex Watson from Milton Keynes who suffers from a serious spinal condition known as Scoliosis

Aspiring young ballet star Alex Watson faced heartbreak when diagnosed with a serious condition which could have put an end to her dancing.

But the youngster, aged seven, has pulled her ballet shoes back on thanks to a new treatment which means she doesn’t need surgery for a curvature of the spine.

Alex, of Milton Keynes, was diagnosed with the condition two years ago and told she would need an operation to save her mobility.

The Watson family had almost agreed to the surgery when they discovered an exercise routine which has drastically changed Alex’s prognosis.

Alex had always been very fit and active and she was passionate about dancing until her mother noticed her shoulder blade was protruding on one side. Alex had also begun to experience severe pain shooting down one side of her back and was struggling to keep up with her friends in her dance class.

Alex’s mother Debbie made an emergency appointment to see the family GP who said she had a condition called scoliosis – or curvature of the spine.

The family were told they would be referred to a specialist but warned it could be a three-month wait.

Debbie said: “She had always loved dancing and was getting really good, practising constantly during the week.

“When I was told that the dancing and certain movements would put more pressure on her spine and it was something I should consider telling her to give up, I was devastated. I knew Alex would be heartbroken.”

After researching the condition the family discovered scoliosis was a progressive condition and that it needed to be treated as soon as possible to prevent any further damage.

Alex and her family started to search the internet for alternative treatments and discovered Scoliosis SOS.

Founded and run by Erika Maude, who has scoliosis herself, the London clinic offered treatment following the non-surgical ScolioGold exercises method.

Following a four-week course, Debbie said Alex ’s condition dramatically improved. She was no longer getting short of breath when doing exercise and her pain disappeared. Debbie said: “I am so relieved to get Alex back to what she loves.

“I am also so happy that she is not at risk from surgery and that she can get on with being a normal little girl again.”