Dangerous road to get a crossing

Sam Crooks at site for proposed crossing H7 Broughton'''Wk 21 MPMC
Sam Crooks at site for proposed crossing H7 Broughton'''Wk 21 MPMC

A PEDESTRIAN crossing is set to be installed in Countess Way, Broughton, after problems were highlighted in The Citizen.

Milton Keynes Council has investigated ‘potential dangers’ on the road and announcing a crossing would be built in the autumn.

Councillor Sam Crooks, who represents Middleton ward, said installing a crossing on the four-lane Countess Way was essential. He described potential dangers on the road an ‘accident waiting to happen’, raising the issue at last week’s Cabinet meeting.

Mr Crooks said: “The reason it is four lanes is because two are bus lanes – but nobody realises this. Intuitively they begin to speed up even though the limit has just been halved.

“The same problem arises at the other end in reverse.

“This is a really serious problem and I would urge some early action before there is an accident.

“I’m asking if these lights can have a signalised pedestrian crossing added so that parents and children can cross in safety and not have to take their lives into their hands every time they try to run across this four -lane highway that bisects an estate but isn’t a grid road.”

Cabinet agreed that something needed to be done and instructed engineers to take whatever remedial action was necessary.

Mr Crooks added: “One of the engineers has told me that they can install the signalised pedestrian crossing in the autumn when they will be carrying out some other work on the lights, which is great.”