Darkness to fall over grid roads

LightingSign'"Street lighting not in use" sign''MPMC WK26 M11
LightingSign'"Street lighting not in use" sign''MPMC WK26 M11

TURNING off the street lights on the grid roads could prove to be a fatal mistake according to a Milton Keynes councillor.

The council will save £394,000 a year by turning off 2,700 lights on the city’s major roads in an effort to cut costs.

Most of the street lights on grid roads will be switched off by the end of the month.

Labour Environment leader Councillor Steve Coventry has called on the council to rethink the policy, deeming the plans as ‘dangerous.’

He said: “Driving along Saxon Street at about 9.30 in the evening, I was surprised how dark it was due to the grid road lights being off.

“This is making the grid roads dangerous. In winter these grid roads will be really dark and dangerous. This is a major safety issue.

“I think the council needs to think again. The saving is relatively small given that the council turnover is about £1 billion.

“However, a single death or serious injury could destroy a family’s life.”

The lights will be switched off for three years, and the council will monitor the effects before making the plan permanent.

A council spokesman said: “As part of Milton Keynes Council’s cost saving initiative, selective lighting on the Milton Keynes grid road network is being switched off.

“Only street lighting on the grid road network will be affected with the exception to street lights on the roundabouts, junction areas, bus stops and lighting of unlit redway running close to grid roads.

“Once switched off, the lights will be kept in place for about three years whilst monitoring is carried out to ensure there are no adverse impacts as a result of the changes.”