David and Goliath win as Padma beats Labour

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WEST Bletchley Council has welcomed a new councillor as independent Padma Cheriyan joined their ranks.

Cllr Cheriyan, who is registered blind, overturned a Labour majority in one of its strongest areas – the Scots estate, which includes a significant chunk of the original 1960s council estate.

With a turnout of 23 per cent, Cllr Cheriyan won by just 10 votes over Labour candidate George Conchie.

After her success, she said: “I’d like to thank all the ordinary residents who came out and voted for me.

“We showed that little people can turn the tables on big political parties.

“I’m looking forward to representing all residents, regardless of their political alliegance, on West Bletchley Council.”

West Bletchley councillor Tony Mabbott added: “At a time when the Coalition Government is making savage cuts and Labour is at a four-year high in the opinion polls, they should have romped home in a safe Labour ward in West Bletchley.

“Instead they lost a seat to one very determined pensioner.”