Dead wasp art causes a worldwide buzz online

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When a city mum discovered hundreds of dead wasps in her spare room her instinct was to scream and run away.

But instead Rola Mack faced her fear in the best way she knew – art therapy.

First she carefully vacuumed up the corpses, which had fallen through a crack in the ceiling from an old, undiscovered wasps nest at her Newport Pagnell home.

Then Rola, who is 40 and has two daughters, tipped out the 1,500 creatures and reached for pens and paper.

“Someone showed me a book called The Life of a Fly, which has pictures of dead flies placed on doodles. It inspired me to do likewise with my wasps,” she said.

That was the beginning of a “very strange weekend”, she admits.

Her first effort, Wasp Circus. showed the coprses doing acrobatic and cycling stunts.

This was followed by Wasp in a Bath, Wasp Horror Scene and even the Insect Tour de France (with the yellow jackets in the lead).

Rola started posting her pictures on the popular image sharing website Imgur.

“In the first 24 hours they had more than 300,000 views. I couldn’t believe it!,” she said.

The response, coupled with suggestions for more wasp themes, fired Rola to create more materpieces.

She experimented with printed backdrops to create Wasp Starcraft 11, and Mortal Kombat Wasp Fatality.

But the biggest buzz came from the Wasp Pope, which shows pink ribbon-bedecked gay wasps protesting that a preaching Pope should “get over it.”

Said Rola, who ironically is allergic to wasp stings: “Some people might think it’s a little weird to make pictures out of dead wasps, but actually it’s been fun.

“It’s cured my fear of wasps - and it’s provided thousands of people with entertainment!”

You can view Rola’s creations at