Debate on the future plan for MK begins

The lifeboat from Selsey positioning itself alongside the Eridan
The lifeboat from Selsey positioning itself alongside the Eridan
  • Council asks for public feedback on Plan: MK Strategic Development Directions of Growth 12-week consultation starts on 13 January Four options have been presented as a direct result of public comment

The future direction of Milton Keynes has four options - and it’s down to the public to decide.

Milton Keynes Council has launched a 12-week consultation for feedback on four possible directions of growth for future development.

The options were developed following a series of workshops held last year and a range of stakeholders, including members of the public were asked to discuss their priorities and ambitions for the future of Milton Keynes.

They include development to the West, South-West and/or South of the present city, development east of the M1, intensification and redevelopment in the existing urban area, and one or more satellite settlements in the rural area.

Councillor Mick Legg, cabinet member with responsibility for Plan: MK said, “I encourage everyone to get involved in this important consultation as it will have a huge far-reaching impact on all residents of MK so it’s vital you have your say now.

“Plan: MK will set out how the city will grow and develop over the next few years which is why we are asking the public to decide what goes in it.

“Plan: MK will set out the spatial vision for the city which fits neatly into the work of the MK Futures 20:50 commission ensuring that growth is sustainable, achievable and most importantly, right for the residents of MK.”

Their feedback has been summarised in the consultation document and the council is now asking for further comments from the public on these possible directions of growth, and asks if it should form the long-term plan for the borough.

In addition, the council welcomes input about what people think the overall ‘vision’ for Milton Keynes should be including any long term opportunities that could be encouraged.

Additional information on Plan: MK and these development options can be found on the council’s website at www.milton-keynes/, the consultation document will also be available in the local libraries and in other locations around the Borough.

There will also be events arranged throughout January, February and March when Planning officers will be on hand to explain the consultation and answer any questions you may have.

Comments can be made using the Council’s online consultation portal at, or emailed to,

Alternatively post comments to: Development Plans Team

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