Decaying road signs point to failure for city

Victoria Hopkins near a dirty road sign PNL-150617-180012001
Victoria Hopkins near a dirty road sign PNL-150617-180012001

The reputation of Milton Keynes is being ruined by hundreds of ‘dirty and decaying’ road signs, a councillor has claimed.

Victoria Hopkins says some signs are so bad that they are unreadable, while others are downright dangerous.

The Danesborough and Walton ward councillor is calling for the council to undertake a city-wide audit of all 7,100 signs.

“Apart from the very real concerns over road safety, these decaying road signs often let down the street scene and send out all the wrong messages about the care and pride local people take in our environment,” she said.

A spokesman for Milton Keynes council said £250,000 had already been earmarked for repairing and replacing signs on grid roads throughout this summer.

He said the council routinely spends £25,000 a year on maintaining road signs that have become damaged or faded.

Officers carry out regular inspections and welcome information from the public.