Defence claims Adil stabbing was an accident not murder

Adil Basharat (right) and his brother Sohail
Adil Basharat (right) and his brother Sohail

THE fatal stabbing of tragic teenager Adil Basharat was an accident and not murder, it was claimed yesterday.

The 16-year-old schoolboy died two days after he was assaulted and stabbed at Kingsbrook School in Deanshanger.

Northampton Crown Court has heard Adil, from Milton Keynes, was attacked with a golf club and crutches, in error, by a group of four men on November 19 after they mistook him as one of two men who had committed a drugs robbery in Wolverton a month previously.

Adam Moore, aged 20, has admitted delivering the fatal blow with the broken shaft of a golf club during fighting outside the school gates but denies murder or that he intended to commit serious bodily harm. The golf club shaft had been thrust into Adil’s pelvis and severed a main vein.

Moore, Freddy Wilson, and Daniel Anderson, all 20, and Jake Batten, aged 22, deny murder and violent disorder. Moore and Billy Billingham, aged 19, who was not present on November 19, deny conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm as revenge for Billingham being robbed of cocaine.

Billingham had been robbed in Wolverton churchyard in October by two men, one who was also called Adil. Benjamin Aina QC, prosecuting, said: “Daniel Anderson said they would go and ask Adil to give some money so they could pay Billingham back. They still found it necessary for a golf club to be taken along. Why? If you are going to meet with people why do you need weaponry?

“Anderson was on crutches but he was happy to be involved in what clearly, on any view, was a potentially violent situation. Why would he want to place himself in that sort of situation? He felt he could look after himself.”

Christopher Donnellan QC, for Moore, said there was no plot to attack Adil, before fighting broke out which was all over in 90 seconds.

He said: “No one foresaw what would happen, because no one had gone there with lethal weapons, a knife, or a gun. This was not gang warfare with knives, there were no gangs there. There were no lethal weapons.

“The way Adil died was totally unexpected and shocking. It was a freak way. Adam Moore accepts he caused that dreadful injury from which Adil died. This was a dreadful accident. It was not what was intended. The truth is there was no conspiracy between them, or between Billingham and Moore.”

The trial continues.