Degree of trouble for university run from CMK flat

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A woman who runs a university from a city centre flat is under investigation by the Trading Standards department.

Tina Beloveth Powerful, founder of Havard School UK, is also being sued by the famous American university of almost the same name.

At the weekend plans for a VIP graduation ceremony fell flat when city Mayor Brian White cancelled his attendance because the school is too controversial.

This week, Dr Beloveth Powerful (pictured) denied she has done anything wrong and insisted she was on a “mission from God to help people study”.

“I have six degrees myself, two of them from Nigeria where I came from,” she said.

“I transformed my life and God has given me power to transform others’.”

But the 46-year-old is not having much luck from above in finding premises for her school, which is currently run from her flat in North Third Street in CMK.

She is about to rent rooms at the Jesus Celebration Centre in Secklow Gate, but would not say how many students are booked in to attend her £2,000 to £5,500 a year courses.

Neither would she say how many overseas students have paid to study online for the Havard courses, which include business, law, IT and bible studies,

“I prefer not to discuss that,” she told the Citizen.

The trading standards investigation is understood to involve false claims on Havard’s website that the school is accredited to the Institute of Administrative Management.

This week the website wording was changed to read “is to be accredited to”.

Said Dr Beloveth Powerful, who also runs her own religious ministries: “I am not aware of any investigation and I have done nothing wrong.”

She has also denied causing academic confusion by calling her school Havard.

Harvard in America, which differs by one letter, is suing for alleged trademark infringement. But Dr Beloveth Powerful is counter claiming for £2 million – the money, she says, she has spent so far on setting up her school.

“My paternal grandfather’s first name was Havard. I chose to immortalise his name. I never thought about Harvard,” she said.

A spokesman for Milton Keynes Trading Standards has confirmed Dr Beloveth Powerful is under investigation as part of a “multi-agency operation”.

He said: “As it is an ongoing investigation we cannot comment in detail about it.”