Delays to Greg celebrations

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MILTON Keynes Council has suffered a setback in its attempts to organise a celebratory event for Olympic hero Greg Rutherford.

The council had announced, in an email seen by the Milton Keynes Citizen, that a ceremony would be taking place on September 29.

Greg Rutherford medal improved

Greg Rutherford medal improved

It had already received criticism that the event should have taken place much sooner after long jumper Rutherford captured Olympic gold on August 4.

But the council had instead opted to wait until after the Paralympic Games to honour all the city’s athletes.

The plans included a reception at the council offices, followed by a presentation at Campbell Park and the chance for people to try a range of sports.

However, within 20 minutes it emerged that there had been a complication with the dates.

The Citizen believes the latest delay is due to clashes with Rutherford’s schedule.

Readers have responded angrily to the latest faux pas with many saying the event should have been sorted out much sooner.

Writing on Twitter, @Sinead_1992, said: ‘Most of the other Olympians have already had their celebrations in their towns, so why has he not? The council failing again.’

Paul Brookman, on Facebook, said: ‘Typical of the council’s attitude towards sport if it’s not MK Dons. They really don’t care about most sports.

‘The reception should have been within a fortnight of Greg getting Gold – they should have pulled their finger out for a change.’

Karen Trapnell, also on Facebook, said: “Greg’s should have been done earlier without a doubt – every local Olympic medallist should be able to have their own so there should not have been a question about waiting for the Paralympics.’

The council had not responded to our questions by the time we went to press.