Delia is Olympic 2012 ambassador

Delia Johnston is taking part in the Midnight Moo
Delia Johnston is taking part in the Midnight Moo

CITY sex change champion Delia Johnston is to become an ambassador for transgender and transsexual people all over the world – by working for the London Olympics.

Business-savvy Delia, who was once burly dad-of-two David, has this week been offered a job by the Olympic committee.

Her official title will be Accreditation Coordinator and her task will be checking public, press and VIP passes.

But the 55-year-old’s unofficial role is to promote the 2012 ambition of become the most diverse and inclusive games ever.

“It’s more than being a token transgender person,” says Delia, who runs her own trans advisory service. “They wanted someone confident and media-savvy who won’t be scared of talking to the public, the press and foreign statespeople if necessary.

“I’m really looking forward to it. Though it is a little bit daunting to think that I could be meeting dignitaries from some parts of the world where people like me would face execution!”

The Olympic committee is determined the games should be open to everybody, regardless of race, creed, disability or sexual preference.

“I think it’s fantastic,” said Delia. “The online Olympic shop even sells pin badges with the official rainbow colours for diversity.”

Delia changed 18 months ago from bearded, 6ft 1in David and hopes to have the full operation next year.

As David, she ran a highly successful business as a technical advisor. But the new Delia cares less about money and more about people, she says.

“Maybe it’s the female hormones but now I realise that as a businessman I spent my time manipulating people and taking from them. Now the new me wants to put back into society all I have taken in the past.”

She is urging other people to represent the city by applying for temporary Olympic jobs.

“There’s a wealth of jobs available. It’s a real chance for people, particularly anyone young and unemployed, to make their mark.”

> Delia is organising a monthly trans meeting in Milton Keynes. Anyone interested should email info