Delight as stolen scooter replaced

Andrew Buchanan with Balba Chahal and the donated mobility scooter
Andrew Buchanan with Balba Chahal and the donated mobility scooter

An elderly cancer victim swapped despite for delight when a Citizen reader ‘gave him back his freedom’ by replacing his mobility scooter

Last week disabled 74-year-old Andrew Buchanan, awoke to find thieves had broken into his garage on Langdale Close in the Lakes Estate and stolen his £1,195 scooter.

Mr Buchanan was left housebound and ‘robbed of his last piece of independence,’ according to daughter Laura Buchanan.

But the pair are now elated after Luton-based mobility aids distributor, Smart Mobility, donated a new scooter.

Store manager, Balba Chahal, contacted the Citizen after reading Mr Buchanan’s story.

“The people that rely on mobility scooters are vulnerable and it’s sickening to hear they have become victims of such needless crime,” he said.

“The look on Andrew’s face when we gave him his scooter is something you wish you could bottle up and keep forever.

“Without these scooters, all that some disabled people would have is four walls, so it’s brilliant to be a part of giving someone back their independence.”

After being told by the police that theft of this kind ‘happens quite often’, Mr Buchanan was left feeling down.

But after receiving the good news the pensioner couldn’t wait to give his new wheels a test drive.

Andrew said: “It’s absolutely beautiful. It’s got a canopy which means I can go out even if it’s raining, I didn’t have that on my old one.

“I was very emotional going to collect it, Balba has made a wonderful gesture and has given me back my freedom.”

And Miss Buchanan added: “After something so horrible happens you start to lose faith in humanity.

“But Mr Chahal’s offer was amazing and it’s so uplifting to see my dad that happy and overwhelmed.”