'Demented' murderers jailed for life after vicious attack at Woodhill prison in Milton Keynes

Two demented murderers from Woodhill prison who laughed in the face of a high court judge and showed utter contempt for court were beginning new life sentences today.

Tuesday, 5th March 2019, 3:09 pm
Updated Tuesday, 5th March 2019, 4:25 pm
Woodhill murder

Jason Gomez and Matthew Tinling told High Court judge Mrs Justice Moulder they had been "very naughty boys" and showed utter contempt for court as they stood trial for an attempted murder within the jail.

They were dragged up from the depths of unit 6B in HMP Woodhill and sat in the dock between seven dock guards sent to protect the court from two of the deadliest prisoners in the UK.

The deranged pair were convicted of launching a joint attack on fellow inmate Charles Storey in Woodhill in October 2016 during which they repeatedly stabbed him with home-made knives, aiming their strikes with evil intent and successfully burying a sharpened piece of plastic into the victim's eye.

Woodhill murder

During the trial, the jury members were kept ignorant about the grisly previous murders that Gomez, who introduced himself as "the good looking one", and Tinling, who gave the jury a big wave as they were sworn in, had committed previously.

It was only after they returned a unanimous guilty verdict that the court heard how Tinling, aged 32, had once sawed through a man's spinal cord in a grotesque imitation of a scene from the horror movie Saw, which he was obsessed with.

The jury also learned Gomez, 48, had killed twice before, once having stabbed another prisoner, a man who walked with a crutch, 190 times with a DIY knife in a frenzy of almost indescribable savagery while he was already in jail for having brutally knifed a business partner to death.

But the defendants made every effort to prejudice themselves in the eyes of the 12 jurors in court by shouting, laughing and talking throughout. Tinling even singled out a male juror and menacingly shouted: "I don't like him! He looks like police".

HMP Woodhill in MK

When their defence counsel asked the judge if the name's of the jurors could be read out, Tinling had added: "And their addresses."

The two had been warned by Mrs Justice Moulder that their outrageous behaviour would turn the jury against them, but they had rudely retorted that the parties in court should stick their fingers in their ears.

They were duly convicted of attempted murder and sentenced on Friday March 1 to additional life sentences for the wicked attack against Storey on the morning of October 24 2016 which left a sharpened piece of plastic in the victim’s eye from homemade prison weapons fashioned out of toilet brushes at HMP Woodhill, where they were residents in unit 6B.

A key piece of evidence produced by prosecutor Matthew Walsh during the trial was a handwritten diary of death that Gomez had kept hidden in his cell in which he had scrawled the dates of his previous murders under the heading “did them on”.

Jason Gomez

Gomez was heard to loudly yawn as the prosecutor explained to the jury that the date of October 24 2016, the day the two depraved prisoners launched their attack on Storey, was included under this heading as the third entry.

Mr Walsh had said: "Why was this the third entry in a list of murders, if that is what you think this is? What does it tell you about what he thought would happen that morning and what he intended to do?”

Mrs Justice Moulder told the prisoners via video link to HMP Belmarsh and HMP Wakefield, where Gomez and Tinling are now respectively housed, that they would spend the rest of their lives behind bars.

Matthew Tiling
The offenders had laughed in the face of the judge