Dementia Awareness Week tea party

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A vintage tea party will be held by Milton Keynes Memory Assessment Service in support of Dementia Awareness Week.

The tea party will be held in Netherfield on May 21 and runs in line with this year’s theme of talking.

Ann Saunders, from the Memory Assessment Service, explained the increasing risk of Dementia and expressed her hope the event will be well attended.

She said: “We hope to see as many people at the event as possible, supporting this worthwhile cause.

“We’re all living longer. That means we’re all facing a higher risk of one day developing dementia.

“It may be you. Or it may be someone in your family.”

Milton Keynes Memory Assessment Service provides neuro-psychological assessment to ascertain causes of memory problems and arrive at a diagnosis.

The service offers support, education and information after diagnosis, as well as group and individual sessions for patients.

Dementia includes a range of symptoms including loss of memory, mood changes and difficulty with communication.

The most common types of dementia are Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia.

Mrs Saunders described what would be available at the tea party at Chrysalis, Cripps Lodge.

She said: “Tea and cakes will be available at the vintage tea party, as well as the opportunity to take part in a raffle with prizes up for grabs that have been donated by businesses, including a family ticket to spend the day at Woburn Safari Park.

“One thing is certain, however. The more we know about dementia, the more prepared we’ll be to face it.”