Dementia sufferer Ethel, 88, “thrown out” of Milton Keynes care home

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An 88-year-old lady with dementia was ‘expelled’ from her care home because she could no longer afford to pay the £1,000 a week charge, say her furious family.

Distressed Ethel Burlinge had to be moved on Saturday from the room she had occupied for a year at Kent Hill’s Milton Court.

Ethel suffers with Dementia

Ethel suffers with Dementia

Her family have blasted Milton Court and Bucks County Council for being and unsympathetic and refusing to fund Ethel.

But they have praised Milton Keynes Council for finding her a new care home on Bletchley - and paying for it when she is not even their responsibility.

Ethel, who spent 30 years working for Vauxhall, lived alone in a rented bungalow Stoke Hammond and fell under the jurisdiction of Bucks County Council when she was unable to cope.

“She had £40,000 - her life savings -so she was over the £23,500 threshold for BCC to pay for her care, said her nephew Peter Brown.

The family moved her to Milton Court, using her savings to pay. But the problems started when the cash ran out.

“Bucks County Council flatly refused to pick up the bill. And Milton Court refused to let her stay. We had no money to pay, so effectively she was expelled,” said Peter.

This week Ethel was settling into a new regime at Caton House in Bletchley, with MK Council paying the bill.

A Bucks County Council spokesman told the Citizen: “We are working with Milton Keynes Council to confirm which authority has responsibility for arranging Miss Burlinge’s care.”