Demo to stop killer’s release

Gregory Davis
Gregory Davis

FRIENDS of a teenager bludgeoned to death are staging their own mass protest in a bid to stop his evil killer being released too early.

The young men and women were all pals of 19-year-old Michael Rogers, who was killed in a children’s playground by art student Greg Davis in 2003.

Davis also killed Michael’s mother Dorothy, barging into her Stantonbury home and stabbing her 31 times.

Convicting him of manslaughter, the court heard he was obsessed with serial killers and had coolly plotted his attacks in his diary beforehand.

Davis was ordered to be detained indefinitely in a secure mental hospital. But last week the Citizen revealed that less than seven years into his sentence the 31-year-old is set to be freed.

He could be walking the streets of Milton Keynes within weeks.

Already he is coming to his parents’ home in Great Linford for weekend visits, allegedly being driven in his dad’s car and covered with a blanket in the back seat.

This week Michael Rogers’ friends sent a chain email to hundreds of people inviting

them to a 30 minute protest demonstration in Queens Court at thecentre:MK on March 19.

‘We want everyone in Milton Keynes to know what is happening and that someone who fantasised about being a serial killer for some time before he eventually randomly killed two MK citizens is going to be released just seven years after doing so,’ it states.

‘The reality is that he seriously could do this again. We don’t want to frighten anyone but the fact is that a wannabe serial killer is coming back to MK and we want to make sure he doesn’t.’

It continues: ‘Hence, joining the protest will help stop this happen. All you need to do is turn up. It will be peaceful and by showing up you will simply be showing your support for keeping violence out of MK and showing respect to Dorothy and Michael. ‘

The protest, on the site of the old fountain, starts at 12 noon.

It is backed by Dorothy’s twin sister Brenda Schmidt, whose family has already written an impassioned plea to David Cameron and justice minister Ken Clarke.

She told the Citizen: “We will do everything we can to stop this man being freed.

“It is a ridiculous situation that he should be allowed out so soon. We feel the public ought to know because it is putting them in danger.”

A Mental Health Tribunal will make the final decision about Davis’ fate on March 22.

Already he has been transferred to a pre-discharge unit to prepare him for life in the community.

Said Dorothy: “We will very strongly that the only place he should go after a secure hospital should be a prison – where he can be locked up to serve the rest of his sentence.”