Demoliton of eyesore will open up Bletchley

A councillor with a sledgehammer has made the first move to restore the overlooked town to Bletchley to its former glory.

Friday, 18th March 2016, 6:01 am

Labour’s Rob Middleton applied the first hefty blow to demolish the ugly concrete wall wall next to Locke Road.

Under Bletchley’s Fixing the Links (FtL) project the removal of the wall will open up the area for pedestrians so they can clearly see the route between the railway station through to the town centre.

With East West Rail connecting to Bletchley by 2019, the links between the station and the town need to be “fit for purpose, safe and environmentally appealing,” the council has agreed.

Mr Middleton, Cabinet member for resources and commercialism said: ”As Milton Keynes has grown over the years, Bletchley’s residents have quite rightly felt that their town has been overlooked.”

“The Council’s current multi million pound investment in a much-needed facelift of the streets around Bletchley Station marks a first step in our longer term ambition to restore the town to its former glories.”

He added: “I welcome the demolition of the Locke Road wall which, for visitors and local residents alike, has been an unsightly and inconvenient obstruction during their stroll over to the town’s local high street.”

The FtL project has already opened up the Brunel roundabout area by reducing the size of the roundabout and the removal of the old underpass infrastructure.

Other works include improving the safety of pedestrian/cyclist crossing points, installing a Redway link along Buckingham Road/V7 and installing new LED lighting under the Brunel Bridge and crossing points.

The project, which should be completed by summer, will also include improvements to the drainage of highways and walkways will also be improved.