Denbigh show is purr-fection

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PUPILS at Denbigh School became some of the first in the country to stage Andrew Lloyd Webber’s famous production CATS.

The school sports hall became the ‘Municipal Dump’ home to 50 different cats including Munkustrap and Macavity last week as children prepared to sign off for summer.

The audience was seated with semi-thrust staging which meant that they were very close to the action.

The whole experience started as they walked into the sports hall as they were shown to their seats, by workers in fluorescent jackets and hard hats.

However, they were made to tiptoe to their seats as the floor was littered with a number of sleeping cats, who were in place before the doors had been opened to the public.

The performers then had to stay still and quiet until they were ready for the show’s opening musical number.

Throughout the performance the cats roamed through the audience so they were never sure when a cat would appear behind, in front or next to them, creating a unique viewing experience.

Jeannette Astley-Jones, Performing Arts Faculty Head of Denbigh School said; “Our stunningly talented troupe of performers have worked incredibly hard over the past few months to get CATS ready for public viewing and they are to be congratulated for their fantastic performances, hard work and dedication.

“I am extremely proud of their achievements. They are all ‘Top Cats.’”