Deputy Mayor leading a UK first in MK

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Councillor Brian White, Chair of the United Sustainable Energy Agency, Deputy Mayor of Milton Keynes and former Chair of the National Energy Foundation is leading the early stages of setting up a UK first in Milton Keynes.

At a Biztech breakfast seminar in June he will explain how the city will become a pilot project, the precursor to the national rollout of the Government’s Green Deal.

Prior to the Green Deal, once a specialist had told you how to make your property more energy efficient, you needed to finance the improvements through normal means. Now the Government is setting up a Green Bank to lend money to properties receiving the improvements rather than the owners.

As the occupant pays their energy bills to suppliers, the loans are gradually paid off by the energy companies. When the occupier moves, the loan remains with the property and the new resident picks up the mantle with whichever energy supplier they select.

Councillor White said: “Ensuring Milton Keynes tradesmen receive revenue by installing energy efficiency improvements is vital to lifting the local economy over the next ten years. We want to register local electricians, plumbers and gasmen as Green Deal suppliers so the business generated through loans from the Green Bank, go straight into the local economy. If large companies with head offices elsewhere were used for these installations, money would flow out of the area,”

The prospect of the Green Deal raises numerous questions concerning houses which are difficult to heat, renewable energy and social housing amongst many other factors. Mr White will liaise with the Department of Energy to identify solutions which will make this pilot project a historic success.

As the MP who pushed the Private Energy Bill through Parliament, which culminated in the Sustainable Energy Act, Mr White is well placed to describe what we should expect. He will explain more about this unique project at the Biztech Breakfast Seminar on Thursday in Central Milton Keynes.

Other speakers will include Vic Harrison, chairman of ECMK, a Milton Keynes based company and professor Ben Allen. ECMK has been granted the accreditation status to companies wishing to operate as a Green Deal Advice Service (GDAS). Professor Allen is a leading expert in green energy from the University of Bedfordshire.

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