Desert Springs pops up at Woburn Safari Park

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People visiting Woburn Safari Park will be able to enjoy a new attraction this summer with the opening of Desert Springs.

The Park’s mongoose, porcupines and meerkats are set to call ‘Desert Springs’ their new home from July 27 with the opening of this new exhibit.

Desert Springs has an undercover walkway right through the centre of the exhibit allowing visitors plenty of time to observe the animals, whatever the weather. The new attraction is specifically designed to enrich the lives of the animals and encourage natural behaviour in their new home.

The new attraction will be split into three main areas which contain a hot rock area and termite mounds, where the meerkats can hunt for their dinner. All the new residents will be able to burrow in the new ‘Desert Springs’ enclosure, as they would in their natural habitats in Northern Africa.

Drew Mullin, general manager at Woburn Safari Park said: “All the staff can’t wait to watch them all settling into their new homes and enjoying their new environment. This is the latest of a number of new attractions at Woburn Safari Park included within the value of your ticket price.”

The new attractions to have recently opened at Woburn Safari Park, include the Elephant Meadow and the Deer Stop. Created by a team of experts, the new Elephant Meadow includes a water hole to bathe in, sandy areas for a good dust bath, which helps elephants dry off after a dip, and spacious areas for grazing on grass.

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