Diabetic mum is sick of having rat room mates in Milton Keynes flat

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A diabetic mother-of-one has lashed out at MK Council after claiming they put her health at risk by leaving her in a rat infested flat.

The resident of the flat in Oldbrook did not want to be named, but claims she is ‘at breaking point’ now the rats have moved to her kitchen.

She explains: “The rats are chewing through clothing, food, wood, anything they can.

“It’s really horrible, I’ve begged the council to help me but nothing is being done, they haven’t even offered me temporary accommodation.

“I live here with my six-year-old son who is terrified to come home, you can hear them running in the walls.

“I’m diabetic and need to eat to be able to take my insulin, but I can’t make food in a kitchen with rats, it’s not right.

“If this was a restaurant it would be shut down for good by now, so why am I expected to sit and accept it?”

A spokesman at Milton Keynes Council said: “We do have a great deal of sympathy for this lady and her family, and we are working very closely with her to try and resolve the situation.

“By baiting, setting traps and carrying out remedial work around the home to prevent the rats from entering.”

The 41-year-old single mum added: “I don’t know how much longer I can cope.

“My son found a dead rat under my bed (pictured) whilst looking for his school shoes one morning.

“We both were too scared to go back in the bedroom. I shouldn’t be forced to share my flat with rats.”