Diamond day cheer for Ralph and Sheila, 82

Ralph and Sheila Green
Ralph and Sheila Green

A couple from Lavendon celebrated their Diamond Wedding anniversary last Thursday.

Ralph and Sheila Green live in Castle Road, Lavendon and are both 82 years old as they celebrate 60 years as a married couple.

Just as impressively they met each other 72 years ago.

During the Second World War Sheila moved down from Surrey to Ralph’s home town of Lavendon where she met him at school. Since then their relationship has just grown.

Ralph said: “She went to the same school as me and that was where we met, you know it was during the war and lots of people were coming down, we sat near each other in class and used to talk to each other.

“She had moved down from Surrey, and we were only 10 years old when we met at the school and it grew from there.

“People always ask me how much of the 60 years I can remember, but I can remember it all, and one of the things I remember most about our marriage is when I was 18 and in the forces. I was away with the national services but she wrote to me everyday I was in the army and I can still remember that.”

Mr Green also shared the secret as to how his relationship has lasted so many years.

He explained, “The secret of a long marriage? Just give in to everything she says. Honestly, you have to give and take and that’s what we have done, we have just had a great time. We have had a great life together.”

After marrying, the couple set up a home in Purley, Surrey, but eventually returned to Lavendon 16 years later with their four sons in 1969 and have remained there together ever since.

Despite being the grand age of 82, the couple are still attending sequence dancing sessions at Great Linford Memorial Hall on Monday evenings.