Dieters’ hell is MK Food Bank’s heaven at Xmas

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Forbidden festive treats for dieters will bring Christmas cheer to hungry families who have to rely on MK Food Bank.

Member of Weight Watchers groups all over the city were asked to donate their “naughty” food items to the charity.

The resulting food mountain was so huge that it needed two cars to transport it to the Food Bank’s Stacey Bushes warehouse.

“It was amazing,” said local Weight Watchers leader Rachel Satchell.

“Members donated the foods that could make them put on weight, but many of them also went out and bought lots of extra items from the Food Bank list.”

Mayor Keith McLean was on hand to help Rachel unload the goodies, which will be divided among dozens of families this Christmas.

Now, after hearing how the demand has soared for the food Bank parcels, Rachel and her fellow Weight Watchers plan another mammoth collection in the new year.

“We’ll be giving them all the chocolates and other fattening gifts we receive as Christmas presents,” she said.