Digital marketing experts Xplore help global telecoms giant develop new social media in Pakistan

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Pakistan’s second largest mobile operator, Telenor, has employed a team of digital marketing experts from Milton Keynes to help market three of its leading brands.

Silbury Boulevard-based Xplore DMS, which describes itself as a ‘boutique digital marketing consultancy”, creates new ways for companies to digitally communicate with their customers on a 1-1 basis.

Sameer Abdur Rehman, chief executive of Xplore DMS, said: “Our team have once again utilised their expertise to define why and how Telenor Pakistan should reposition its marketing to focus on digital.

“We are proud to have encouraged Telenor Pakistan to break through the traditional marketing norms so prevalent in the Pakistan market. On an organisational level, our advice is that brand and digital should be seen as parts of a single team, which work seamlessly together, to deliver across the marketing mix, rather than as separate entities.

“Digital marketing is the only platform which enables brands to communicate with their consumers on a 1-1 basis. Staying ahead of the game now means having proactive and reactive engagement with customers. Being social with your consumers and getting to know what they want and when they want it can make the difference between losing maintaining and increasing market share.

“Digital marketing is a true, two-way conversation that is far more effective than traditional marketing techniques. It is a completely different way of thinking about products and services. It means that brands should work closely with their digital teams to gather business intelligence, which they can use to meet consumer demands.”

Xplore DMS introduced Telenor Pakistan to its unique Digital Persona Engagement techniques, which included “Life Stream Connecting” – a process that directly positions a brand into the personal timelines of their target audience, and “Social Symbiosis” – a process that develops a relationship between a brand and their customers. These unique techniques from Xplore DMS, enable companies to extract business intelligence that can be used to help develop exciting new products and services that their customers want and need.

Mr Rehman added: “Telenor Pakistan are a terrific, forward-looking company who want to communicate with their consumers directly. We are confident they will be the first brand in Pakistan to break the traditional barriers by taking the conversations directly to their consumers.”

Telenor Group is a Norwegian telecom giant with global operations in 12 markets including Telenor Pakistan which has 30.8 million mobile subscriptions.