Dinner is served to hospital patient sitting on the commode

Hospital bosses have failed to apologise after an elderly patient was fed her dinner while she was using the COMMODE.

Thursday, 5th May 2016, 12:26 pm

Terminally-ill Eileen Glennon was served up sausage and chips as she sat on the soiled commode next to her bed in Ward 16.

The 77-year-old, who was in hospital after a fall, was then left alone with the food until her daughter Mea arrived to visit, it is claimed.

“At first I thought mum was on a chair, so I sat on the bed and encouraged her to eat,” said Mea. “But then I realised she was on a commode. It was disgusting.”

Mea added: “Sadly, mum’s medication gives her an upset tummy, so the commode was well and truly used.

“I dread to think of the infection risks.”

This was the second time Mea has complained about the way her mum has been treated at MK hospital and already has a letter of apology after she says her mum was given an accidental overdose of oxygen last year.

Mrs Glennon, of Emerson Valley, has a terminal lung condition and problems with blance and mobility. A hospital spokesman said: “We have had extensive discussions with the patient about her care needs and her wishes when it comes to having a commode at her bedside, and she has not raised any concerns regarding the way she is cared for at the hospital.

“From discussions with ward staff and the patient our understanding is that staff served the patient her meal at her bedside before continuing to serve the rest of the ward, at which time the patient was free to use facilities as she wished.”

He said chief executive Joe Harrison had contacted the family to arrange a meeting.