Disabled man wins two-month fight for internet in Milton Keynes council home

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No Caption ABCDE PNL-141126-131332001

Disabled neighbours left isolated without a phone or internet were given a Christmas gift thanks to the Citizen.

Steve Shuffle was at the end of his tether with telecom giant BT after a two-month fight for connection since moving into a new council house in Stacey Bushes.

Just a week after BT told the Citizen the problem had been caused by underground blockages to their equipment, Steve was given the good news that his phone line was up and running.

He said: “When I heard the news I shouted hallelujah.

“It’s funny that as soon as you go to the press it’s suddenly all sorted.

“Without the Citizen, the underdog like me would have just got slaughtered in this situation.”

Steve, who has dwarfism, says his health was seriously affected by the eight-week struggle which meant he couldn’t do his food shopping and made him feel cut off from friends .

Steve added: “I didn’t just do it for me. It’s all disabled people living in these houses, so one of my neighbours has severe MS and another cerebral palsy.

“I had to do something to help them because they rely on their phone and internet to communicate with their family.

“Christmas is the loneliness time of the year, but thankfully BT finally got our broadband sorted just in time on Christmas eve.

“Thank you to the Citizen.”