Disabled parking bays too small to be used

Disabled bays at Station Square
Disabled bays at Station Square

The prestigious £2.7 million Station Square development has been branded as “useless” for wheelchair-using motorists.

They claim the disabled parking bay outside CMK rail station are too short to allow drivers space to unload a wheelchair from the rear.

And the road is so narrow that taxis from the adjacent rank are held up while people struggle.

The city’s Physical Disability and Sensory Group has complained to Milton Keynes council several times since the redevelopment opened a year ago.

Though the bays are sized according to national guidance, the parallel parking layout and busy road makes them tricky to use, says the group.

Annette Holcroft, a trustee and volunteer at the Centre for Integrated Living, told the Citizen: “The bays are useless for me. There’s not enough room to get my wheelchair down a ramp from the back of my car.

“ Last time I went to London I had to park at Argos and wheel myself back to my car after midnight.”

Milton Keynes Council has confirmed it has received complaints from wheelchair users and has promised to investigate improvements.