Disgraced ex-mayor resigns: Taxi-gate councillors should follow suit, says Tory group leader


Taxi-gate councillors should follow disgraced ex-mayor and resign to end this “sorry affair”, according to the city’s Conservative leader.

Councillor Edith Bald has welcomed Subhan Shafiq’s resignation from Milton Keynes Council today following a published report into his character reference for a convicted rapist.

Mrs Bald said: “The audit eport confirms my view that the councillors involved in this sorry affair displayed very bad judgement and in doing so put public safety at an unacceptable risk.

“I have just heard that Mr Shafiq has resigned which I welcome and have been calling for for some time.”

Mrs Bald now believes Lib Dem Stuart Burke and Labour member Gladstone McKenzie should follow suit and step down as councillors.

She said: “Other resignations should follow as the trust that the public have is surely broken.

“Only then can we start to rebuild the reputation of Milton Keynes.”

The city’s Liberal Democrat group have refused to comment on Mr Shafiq’s resignation until tomorrow morning - after members have met to discuss the latest development.

Leader of the council Pete Marland said: “It is absolutely the right thing to have done considering the inconsistences in evidence that he presented.

“Hopefully now that means we can start to draw a line under this and the city and council can move on.

“It is unfortunate he chose to wait until after the audit report to resign.

“I think the people of Monkston will feel very short-changed.

“Stuart Burke needs to offer an apology and understand what he has done wrong.”