‘Dissatisified’ GPs resign at one of Milton Keynes’ biggest surgeries

Hilltops Medical Centre
Hilltops Medical Centre

Health bosses deny there is any danger of “imminent” closure of a huge city GP surgery that is losing almost half its doctors.

Two GPs from Hilltops Medical Centre have suddenly resigned, allegedly because of low morale and dissatisfaction about the way in which the practice is run.

A third much respected GP is about to retire.

The losses will leave the Great Holm-based centre, which serves 16,000 patients, with just a skeleton staff headed by senior partner Dr Mohammed Dewji.

Dr Dewji practices part time because he also works for the Department of Health.

He declared himself bankrupt a couple of years ago after being ordered by the courts to pay back £1.5m to his neighbour in Loughton.

The neighbour, a former golfing buddy, claimed he lost his life savings after Dr Dewji persuaded him to invest in a “dodgy” land deal in Cambodia.

Now his Hilltop surgery patients fear they could be facing a repeat of the Willen surgery fiasco in 2013.

Thousands of Willen patients were affected when the surgery suddenly closed because one GP resigned and the other was suspended.

But this week Milton Keynes CCG said there was no danger of “imminent” closure at Hilltops.

CCG officials are understood to have held an emergency visit to the surgery with NHS England chiefs.

A CCG spokesman said: “Our main priority is ensuring the best care for our patients and we will work to see that the practice continues to provide high quality GP services.”

He added: “The CCG is aware of a number of resignations at the practice. As would be expected, there will be a period of notice to be served before any partner leaves the practice. The CCG will continue to support the practice partners and staff to maintain patient services during this time.”

Hilltops Medical Centre serves approximately 16,000 patients who live in Great Holm, Two Mile Ash, Loughton and surrounding areas.

The surgery states on its website that it has 10 GPs. But it is understood that some of these work part-time, coming in for just two or three sessions a week.

The GP about to retire is popular Dr Bipin Patel.