Diversions in place as Milton Keynes road closes until 2015


Rush-hour drivers face possible delays as a city road closes until early next year.

From today, Groveway (H9) will be shut for 24-hours a day to allow for the construction of a new redway underpass.

Traffic coming from Kingston Roundabout will be diverted west along the A421 (H8) to Brinklow Roundabout, where they will be diverted south, along Tongwell Street (V11) to Walnut Tree Roundabout to rejoin Groveway (H9).

Traffic coming from the Walnut Tree Roundabout will be diverted north, Tongwell Street (V11) to Brinklow Roundabout, where they will be diverted east along the A421 (H8) to Kingston Roundabout.

Access to businesses along Groveway (H9) will be available at all times from Walnut Tree Roundabout.

Milton Keynes Council successfully bid for government funding and received £8.81m.

The government’s Local Pinch Point Fund was specifically for areas where congestion was an issue and improvement works were required.

The A421 and Kingston Roundabout were the two ‘Bottleneck’ areas that the council outlined in its bid report.

It was also beneficial that completing this scheme would unlock future job opportunities and additional housing.

On May 31 last year the Department for Transport (DfT) announced that Milton Keynes Council’s Pinch Point Fund bids had been approved for funding.

The DfT has allocated £3.962m for the A421 Dualling scheme and £4.85m for the Kingston Roundabout improvement.

The scheme budget is £16.494m which includes £8.812m from two successful funding bids as part of the Department for Transport’s Pinch Point grant.

The remaining funds are secured through developer funding, including the MK Tariff.