DIY justice for crooks could save cash for courts


Victims of crime could be given the chance to dish out their own punishment directly to the offender who caused their misery.

The DIY discipline is part of a new Community Remedy system proposed by Police and Crime Commissioner Anthony Stansfeld.

mpmc anthony stansfeld

mpmc anthony stansfeld

It would apply to low level crime such as minor assault with injury, criminal damage, low value theft and anti social behaviour, said Mr Stansfeld.

The aim is to give victims a direct say in the way in which the offenders are dealt with.

It could also provide a “more proportionate alternative” to arrest and court.

This could save time and money for police and courts.

Mr Stansfeld said: “Community Remedy is intended to give victims a choice in the actions taken. Instead of involving courts, an agreement is sought between the victim and the offender on an appropriate punishment.”

The punishments could include a personal or written apology, advice or warning from a police officer, paying for damage caused or returning stolen property.

The offender could also be asked to sign an Acceptable Behaviour Contract to agree not to behave anti-socially in the future. He or she could also be told to make amends to the community, for example by doing unpaid work.

Mr Stansfeld is now keen to gather the views of the public and is inviting people to take part in a survey

Details can be found on the crime commissioner’s website