DIY star’s ‘return to sander’ as Elvis

chris boylan
chris boylan

THE city’s famous ‘Wallpaper Man’ is hanging his hopes on a second brush with stardom – as an Elvis impersonator.

By day painter and decorator Chris Boylan is the cheekie chappie who can paper a room in super speedy time for TV’s 60 Minute Makeover show.

chris boylan elvis

chris boylan elvis

But by night he takes on a very different role – as the King of rock’n’roll.

It’s just something I really wanted to do,” said the 46-year-old.

“I’ve always played in bands and I’ve always loved Elvis. People say I look just like him when I’m all dressed up.”

This month Chris launched his own business, hiring himself out to pubs, clubs and parties.

He calls himself Vince Vegas and his act is called Viva Vince Vegas.

“I’m hoping to gets lots of bookings, but I certainly won’t give up the TV show work. I love it,” he said.

Chris developed a taste for the limelight a few years ago when he appeared as an extra in the Channel 4 documentary Bricking It.

He then went for a screen test at ITV and almost immediately was offered a part in 60 Minute Makeover.

“I’ve just filmed another 26 episodes and it’s been great fun. I think they like my face because I seem to get a lot of footage.”

The producers are also impressed with Chris’ wallpaper hanging skills and frequently ask him to paper three rooms within the 60 minute deadline.

“It’s possible. We don’t cheat – honestly!” he says.

But Chris has no intention of mixing his two jobs and will not be singing his Elvis songs while he’s working on the TV show.

“I’ll keep things separate. I don’t think the audience would appreciate the wallpaper man turning into Elvis Presley!” he said.

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