DNA may find who dumped Mishka

Miska the cat dumped in taped up box next to a bin
Miska the cat dumped in taped up box next to a bin

A CALLOUS owner who left a cat for dead in a taped-up box by a rubbish bin could be traced through forensic evidence and face prison.

Miska the cat dumped in taped up box next to a bin

Miska the cat dumped in taped up box next to a bin

In a rare move the RSPCA is considering having the box scrutinised by experts for DNA evidence,

Accustomed to dealing regularly with dumped cats, the charity’s volunteers are usually hard to shock. But the case of Mishka has left them reeling with anger.

RSPCA Inspector Damian Wooliscroft was called out to a report of a dead cat in a container by the communal bin area in Bletchley’s Newton Road.

The container proved to be a covered litter tray, with the airholes carefully taped over and cardboard taped across the door to prevent the cat escaping.

Damian ripped off the tape – and to his amazement found the cat was alive.

“Other than being hungry, she seemed to be in good health,” he said.

“This poor cat had just been thrown away like a piece of rubbish and she could have suffered a really painful death if the cage had been loaded on to a bin wagon and then crushed,” he added.

The cat, now christened Mishka, is thought to be around seven months old and she was wearing a black collar with a silver bell.

This week she is being cared for by one of the RSPCA’s volunteer fosterers in Newport Pagnell.

Said cat rehoming coordinator Vivienne Dalton: “She is lovely. She is sleeping in the fosterer’s bed and enjoying the comfort, as well as lots of fuss.

“She’s a prolific purrer when she’s stroked but it takes a while for her to trust people.

“Understandably, she can be quite timid of new people and new situations, so we suspect she has been mistreated before throughout her short life.”

The RSPCA seeking a loving home for Mishka after she has recovered from her ordeal and been neutered.

Meanwhile the charity, which has the power to launch its own court prosecutions for animal cruelty, is considering recruiting a forensic expert.

“There are fingerprints all over the box and probably DNA on the tape, particularly if someone snapped it using their teeth,” said Vivienne.

> Anyone who recognises Mishka or who can identify the owner should call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.