Do you know where badly beaten Bruce came from?

An injured dog found straying in Oldbrook may have been used in dog fighting, say the RSPCA.

Badly beaten Bruce is a mastiff type, thought to be around 18 months old.

He was found on Saturday with his ears clipped - an illegal process where dogs ears are mutilated to make them smaller.

The RSPCA are now appealing for information after the charity’s inspector Susan Haywood visited Bruce at the home of his rescuer on Sunday.

He was taken to a vet and given antibiotics and is now in the care of the RSPCA.

Inspector Susan Haywood said: “We don’t know who the owner is as Bruce is not microchipped.

“We would really like anyone to come forward with information about him. It seems that Bruce has fairly recently cropped ears and has both old and new cuts and scars on his face and body, which we believe could have been caused by dog fighting.

“I don’t think he would have been stray for very long as he appears to be a healthy weight.

“If any member of the public does have any information they can call our inspectorate line on 0300 123 8018.”