Do you want some Maw?

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The Stables box office has been doing brisk business, and a few dates this week are on the brink of selling out.

If you want in for anything, get busy with your plastic pal quickly!

This evening, folk sounds of the traditional and the contemporary are fused by singer Maz O’Connor.

There is more folk tomorrow night too, with US legend of the genre, Tom Paxton.

Fifty years since he first toured the UK and the Lifetime Achievement Grammy winner is still busy creating too – current album Redemption Road was released only last month.

Queen of swing Clare Teal returns on Saturday in the Jim Marshall auditorium, while Mawkin will be in charge on Stage 2.

The triple Folk Award nominees also have a new record headed our way – The Ties That Bind is being cut loose in July.

It is, say the Essex-based quintet, a selection of ‘ballsy folk tunes played with verve and conviction.’

If you are tempted by that, take a ticket for the long-standing bunch, who drizzle their produce with a little blues and rock for an altogether fulfilling package.

Judie ‘Stay With Me ‘Till Dawn’ Tzuke presents her current show, Songs and Stories on Sunday evening.

Last up this week, comes Thea Gilmore, the extraordinarily talented, prolific singer-songwriter, playing hot on the heels of the release of her 15th album, Ghosts & Graffiti.

When we say new, it is in part. The release pulls together new material with re-recordings of old tracks and a selection of A-list radio successes.

And what can lucky ticket holders expect on Monday evening?

“We’re bringing a full band so we’ll be making a big noise,” she told me, “We’ll be playing most of my new album so there’ll be a mix of the new and the old.

“The Stables is one of those venues that, when you see it on a tour sheet, your heart does a little jump.

“It’s always such a great, fun gig and so well run and because of that you want to give it everything you’ve got,” she added.

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