Docs shoulder blame for delay

Linda St Claire had shouldrr operation cancelled at last minute in MK hospital
Linda St Claire had shouldrr operation cancelled at last minute in MK hospital

A WOMAN was left fuming with Milton Keynes Hospital when she arrived for an operation only to be called while she was in the waiting room to to be told the surgery had been cancelled for a third time.

Linda St-Claire, from Pennyland, has been waiting for shoulder replacement surgery since November last year, but the first operation was delayed because someone ordered the wrong part.

The op was delayed until December, but a course of antibiotics prescribed to Ms St-Claire meant she couldn’t be operated on, and it was delayed again until last Monday.

Arriving early for her appointment, Ms St-Claire was then called while in the waiting room to cancel it again – this time because of a lack of bed space.

She said: “They called me while I was in the waiting room beforehand. I found that utterly disgusting and really unprofessional.

“It’s infuriating because all of this has come about because one person has ordered the wrong part for my shoulder replacement.

“If it had been done properly in the first instance, we’d have everything done and I could go back to work.

“As it stands, it now looks like it could be the middle of February before I get the chance to have my operation, three months later.”

Milton Keynes Hospital’s Medical director Martin Wetherill said: “I’ve personally spoken to the patient. We have gone through the issues she has raised and are resolving them.

“I’ve given an unreserved apology and will be following this up with a personal letter to her.”