Doctors speak out over strike action

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MEDICAL professionals have spoken out about strikes that took place across the city yesterday.

Only 17 per cent of surgeries reported normal service with doctors striking over reforms to their pension payments.

Milton Keynes Hospital and GP surgeries across the city had already planned ahead in terms of warning people about the situation in their area.

BMA spokesperson, Dr Paul Roblin, said: “I think the level of care that people will have received on the day would have been higher as doctors would have only seen patients who were in desperate need of assistance.

“Hospital outpatients and operations would have been cancelled in good time but I think this situation could have alienated patients from their doctors.”

Dr Roblin did not vote for industrial action but said he had a sense of grievance for those who chose to do so.

“I understand why people chose to do so and in the media doctors have been treated unfairly with the government putting a lot of their own spin on it. However, I think the BMA could have better counteracted the issue and looked harder rather than taking this action.”

Dr Roblin also stated that top GPs will have 28.5 per cent of their wages going towards a pension as opposed to around five per cent for civil servants.