Dog owner gets long animal ban

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standard web pics to use on the Milton Keynes Citizen website

A WOMAN has been disqualified from keeping animals for 10 years and fined £615 after causing unnecessary suffering to two dogs.

Jacqueline Hamilton, of Bletchley, pleaded guilty to the charges put to her when she appeared at Milton Keynes Magistrates Court on Friday.

The charges relate to Hamilton’s care of her two black and tan Rottweilers over a period of around 18 months, in which time it was discovered that Ms Hamilton had suffered a stroke.

Her consequent illness had seen her unable to look after the animals properly and they had been left without being walked, in a room that was predominantly bare, that was covered in urine and faeces.

On December 9 last year she was visited by local PCSOs and officers from the RSPCA who found the dogs in what was described as an emaciated state.

Faeces was smeared on the floor and there was a bowl of dry dog food on the floor but no water.

However, Ms Hamilton did not argue and willingly signed the dogs over to the RSPCA so that they could be properly looked after.

She was subsequently interviewed and accepted full responsibility for the ownership of the pets, and said that she had tried to get someone to look after them but no-one would take them off her hands.

She also said that she was unaware of any health conditions they were suffering with, despite a veterinary check showing that they had not gained any weight and had received inadequate treatment for worms.

In summing up the judge said that it looked favourably on Ms Hamilton that she had pleaded guilty, had a previously unblemished record, had tried to get the dogs looked after, co-operated fully and signed over the dogs immediately.

However, because there were two animals involved it made the charge slightly worse.

He felt that they had suffered because of negligence with extremely poor diet and lack of exercise, despite Mr Hamilton’s health problems.

She was given a £100 fine and a victim surcharge of £15.

She was also asked to cover £250 of the court costs and £250 for the inspectors fees.

She was also hit with the 10-year ban which came into effect on the day.