Dog owners urged to take up free microchipping offer

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Dog owners in the area are being encouraged to take up a fantastic offer – and get their pooches chipped for free.

Veterinary practice Milton Keynes Veterinary Group has pledged to support the Dogs Trust’s Microchipping Through Vets scheme.

For the following 12 months, the practice – based in Walnut Tree – is offering free microchipping, subsidised by the Dogs Trust.

“Milton Keynes Veterinary Group are very happy to be working with the Dogs Trust to offer free microchipping to all local dog owners,” said Sara Carter from the practice.

“Microchipping is a simple procedure which could mean the difference between being reunited with a lost pet and never seeing them again.

“We hope to see lots of dog owners taking up the offer in the months ahead!”

The chipping process is simple and involves a small electronic chip, around the size of a grain of rice, being implanted under the dogs skin, which contains a unique number that can be read by a scanner.

If the dog is ever lost or stolen, it can be scanned and returned safely and quickly to its owner.

“Last year, 111,986 stray and abandoned dogs were picked up by local authorities across the UK, with only 40% reunited with their owners,” explained Elvira Meucci-Lyons, Head of Campaigns & Community at the Dogs Trust.

“We hope this initiative will help to reduce the number of dogs put to sleep in council pounds because their owners can’t be traced.”

Microchipping will be compulsory for all dogs in England from April 2016.

To book an appointment for your best friend, dog owners should call Milton Keynes Veterinary Group on MK 397777.