Dog walker chased after street robbers to help teen

CCTV image
CCTV image

A dog walker chased after three robbers who attacked a teenage boy for his rucksack.

The 16-year-old victim and his friend were followed by three men or boys as they left the CMK shopping centre and walked towards Campbell Park.

The teenager was then robbed of his white iPhone 5C and rucksack. He suffered bruising to his fingers, a cut to his wrist and swelling on his face. He did not require hospital treatment.

The offenders were chased by a member of the public who was walking past at the time of the attack. He tied his dog to a nearby post before running after them from the redway towards Springfield.

CCTV images have been released to help police track down the offenders who robbed the boy between 6pm and 7pm on Wednesday. December 16.

If you have any information about the incident call police on 101.