Dog with ‘previous’ bit through to bone


A dangerous dog almost severed a young woman’s arm AFTER its owner had been arrested for failing to keep it under control, the Citizen can reveal.

This week victim Tayla Cannon and her family are calling for a change in the law that currently allows a dog to attack repeatedly before a court can order it be destroyed.

Meanwhile the owner of the biting bull mastiff, which was allowed to lurk on the landing in a block of Bletchley flats, has celebrated walking free from court by acquired a new Rottweiler.

The sickening saga started last June when Tayla’s boyfriend, 21-year-old Manga Conteh, was seized by the bull mastiff as he was walking up the stairs to his Serpentine Court flat.

The owner, a woman in her forties, was inside her own flat at the time and the dog bit Manga on the face and arm.

Police charged the woman with failing to keep the mastiff under control and bailed her to appear before magistrates in September. But, because only a court can order a pet’s destruction, they had no power to remove the dog.

Just before the court case 19-year-old Tayla walked up the same stairs to visit Manga.

“She saw the dog alone on the landing and tried to run away. But it chased her and sank its teeth into her arm, refusing to let go,” said Tayla’s mum Karen.

“She screamed and screamed but nobody heard because loud music was coming from the owner’s flat. Meanwhile the dog was biting her right through to the bone.”

The resulting injury is so severe that photographs cannot be shown in the paper. They can be viewed on our website but are unsuitable for children to see.

Tayla underwent two operations to repair severed tendons and, after regular physiotherapy, is able to use her arm again.

But both she and Manga will be scarred for life.

Seven days after Tayla’s attack the owner was convicted of the original offence against the boyfriend. Magistrates ordered the dog be put down.

Now Tayla has received a letter from police saying the second conviction is complete. After pleading guilty, the owner was given a 12 week community order and ordered to pay £500 compensation in instalments.

Karen said: “The law is an ass as far as dangerous dogs are concerned. If this animal has been destroyed the first time my daughter would never have had to go through all this trauma. Urgent changes are needed.”