Dogs are so much more than man’s best friend

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THE capabilities of a dog are much greater than you might expect, especially when they are trained to help.

Dogs for the Disabled is a small, national charity helping children and adults who face huge challenges everyday to live life to the full.

The charity has trained over 250 assistance dogs who help provide practical help to children and adults with physical disabilities and children with autism.

The dogs can perform many tasks for people with disabilities, including emptying clothes from the washing machine and stopping traffic at pedestrian crossings.

In Milton Keynes there are many official registered speakers and volunteers for Dogs for the Disabled who travel the city explaining how important the charity is to community and social groups

One said: “To millions of people, dogs bring joy and happiness. For men, women and children with disabilities they also provide a point of social contact, practical support and most important of all, independence.

“Our talk takes the audience through the journey of a young pup right through to working with a child or adult.

“You can find out how the dogs are trained and hear how the lives have changed for the dozens of children and adults the charity has helped.”

For more information on Dogs for the Disabled, or to book a speaker email or call 01295 759824.

The charity does not charge for volunteer registered speakers, although they do ask for a donation to be made to support the charity.