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Big Pants & Botox
Big Pants & Botox
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GOODNIGHTS Entertainment invite you to watch their new pants delivery tomorrow night, and we’re not being rude when we say that!

Big Pants & Botox, again from the pen of Louise Roche, stars former Casualty actress Rebecca Wheatley.

Barbara has just survived an eventful ‘significant’ birthday, and now she is pondering aplenty...including the merits of ‘Big Pants & Botox’.

You know those things that we all turn over in our minds, but don’t like talk about?

Louise finds the funny in them: ‘If you have to empty your bladder before joining the kids on the trampoline, and it’s a few years since you’ve had an uninterrupted view of your feet: if you know a prolapse has nothing to do with structural engineering, and that the word piles doesn’t have to be followed by the word ‘of’ , then you’ll be amused, delighted and even comforted...’ by Big Pants & Botox.

The one woman show has been touring these isles over the past few months, but it’ll be nice to see Louise’s show in her locality.

BP&B plays at the Madcap Theatre in Wolverton.

Tickets are on sale at £12.50, but we’ve a sneaky suspicion that they’ll be hotter than a warm night in hell...this is the venue where it all started for Louise , after all.

Try your luck by calling MK 320179.