Don’t misuse the 999 service

South Central Ambulance Service
South Central Ambulance Service

The city’s ambulance service has issued a reminder over the misuse of 999 calls following the effects of the heatwave.

This week, with genuine emergency calls soaring due to heat-related illnesses, South Central Ambulance Service has also seen an increase in total time wasters

One such call involved a man who had eaten an out of date ready meal and wanted to know if he’d be okay.

SCAS responded to 334 emergency calls in Milton Keynes alone between 00:01 on July 19th and 23:59 on July 21.

A spokesman said the job of the ambulance services is made more challenging by those who misuse 999 calls.

“Abusing the ambulance services takes vital equipment away from those who need it. With resources stretched to a maximum in the hot weather, there’s a high risk lives will be at risk,” said a spokesman,