‘Don’t spoil our Milton Keynes lake’

Rob Riekie from The Parks Trust
Rob Riekie from The Parks Trust
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A walker who spends her days strolling around Willen Lake North claims more than 30 trees have been cut down – creating a racket and unsightly view.

“It is quite devastating for me because I love that park,” said the woman who wishes to remain anonymous.

“You can hear the traffic from the A509 and see it too, but what is worrying me is what they will do next.

“It is a shame for them to have done this, I go there almost every day.

“Milton Keynes is coming to maturity now and I think it’s looking so beautiful, so I worry what will happen in the future to spoil that.”

While trees and shrubs have a slight effect on noise levels, Rob Riekie of The Parks Trust says it is actually the width and mounding of roadside reservations that has the most impact on noise reduction.

He said: “In the early years of Milton Keynes, trees shrubs and plants were planted at high densities to create an instant green landscape.

“It was planned that as these plants matured rigorous thinning and coppicing would be needed to create a healthy environment in the future so the work at Willen Lake was part of a planned programme of management to ensure the long-term health of our trees.

“Some trees must be removed by the process of thinning otherwise the trees become thin and spindly and may eventually snap, become diseased or blow over.”