Double diamonds work wonders for Sarah

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Long time pals Derek Green and Darren Whitney are hitting the road to support a friend battling one of the world’s rarest diseases.

Derek, 44, from Milton Keynes and friend Darren are in training for this year’s Virgin London Marathon on April 22.

They are raising money to support women with lymphangioleiomyomatosis (or LAM for short) that causes the lungs to deteriorate.

The pair’s friend Sarah Wood, 44, was diagnosed with the incurable disease in 2010 and now requires portable oxygen whenever she leaves the house.

“We both really want to do something to support Sarah and other LAM patients,” said Derek a technician for Western Power Distribution Smart Metering.

“As a nurse Sarah has helped thousands of people over the years and we’re hoping people will dig deep in their pockets to help her.”

Derek and Darren, 45, from Watford, have styled themselves the ‘Double Diamonds’ after the iconic 70s beer commercial.

“I guess it’s going to give away our ages, but we thought the geezers’ moniker would bring a smile to peoples’ faces,” added Derek.

The pair are raising money for the charity LAM Action that supports women with LAM and funds medical research.

“LAM is one of the world’s rarest diseases and it is vital to help find a cure or effective treatment for this cruel condition,” added Derek

“Unless you know someone with an illness like this you don’t realise just how tough and debilitating it can be.

“LAM Action is only a small charity and needs all the support it can get.”

Derek’s partner Sharon, senior recruitment business partner at Smart Moves, and Darren’s partner Laura will be heading up the sponsorship raising team.

The Double Diamonds are hoping to raise more than £4,000 for the charity.

Nursing manager, Sarah and husband John from Pinner have a five year old daughter, Lucy.

LAM affects just over one in a million. There is currently no cure and only limited treatments.

The disease mainly attacks the lungs and causes excessive growth of smooth muscle tissue and progressively erodes lung function.

To sponsor Derek and Darren visit: or for more information about LAM visit: