Double glazing window company from Milton Keynes branded “shoddy” in court

Court news
Court news

A window company has been told by a county court judge that its work at a Milton Keynes home was “shoddy” and the customer was right not to pay the full bill.

Win-Dor Ltd took customer Jane Russell to Milton Keynes County Court because she only paid 80 per cent of her bill for 11 replacement windows at her Old Farm Park home in February last year.

But the judge dismissed the case on Monday, saying that Ms Russell should have only paid 75 per cent of the bill.

“I wouldn’t expect anyone to pay £6,000 to accept that shoddy work, which screams lack of care. You could have easily done so much better,” the judge told the firm’s MD, dismissing the case.

Ms Russell told the court that the Win-Dor fitters had been “aggressive and unpleasant” when she asked them for “no trim” on the windows, as per her contract with the firm.

She said the fitters wanted to do the job in their usual way to make their lives easier.

“But that wasn’t what I asked for,” Ms Russell told the judge. “They were trying to bully me into having work done that I didn’t want.”

Ms Russell paid a local handyman to do the work the fitters refused to do.

The judge examined the photos that Ms Russell, a professional photographer, had taken of the work the fitters had done and discussed the process with joint managing director of the Win-Dor, Mark McMullan.

He had agreed that one of the windows was “messy” but he was generally satisfied with the work done. He said the father and son team of fitters were always polite and had done work on his own house.

The judge said she had no reason to doubt what Ms Russell had said and the fitters had not been brought to court by Win-Dor.

“Pressure was put on Ms Russell to have a finish she did not want. Communication was poor and consultation was poor,” she said.

“Win-Dor have now offered to rectify the problems but the relationship between company and client is totally broken down and Ms Russell is entitled not to have them back.”

The judge said although Ms Russell had deducted 20 per cent from the invoice, it should be more like 25 per cent, and that Win-Dor, of Dunsby Road, Milton Keynes, had come out with 5 per cent in their favour. She dismissed the case against Ms Russell.