Dream come true for author Tina

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DO you believe in fairies?

Tina Clark, who works in Olney, has fulfilled her ambition of writing a novel by releasing her first book ‘The Fairy Ring.’

The story focuses on when Adelaide Ivy attends Fairy Flying School. She is not aware of the events about to unfold. Along with Trixi-Bluebell, Lily Rose and May Fleur, she commences her cadet training.

Their aim is to be awarded the prestigious “Fairy Wings”, which will enable them to fly freely, within the United Wingdom.

The Fairyettes discover a secret, which takes them away from their studies and involves them embarking on a further thrilling adventure.

The quest opens up intriguing challenges, which puts all of their individual skills to the test.

Tina said: “I always enjoyed writing, but it was normally just little poems and things for my friends.

“I was at a friend’s house when her daughter asked if I could tell her a story and I began to make it up.

“On the way home, my husband said I should write these things down. It started out with little scribblings here and there and before long, I had 10 chapters!

“But from there, it is very difficult to get published. The big publishers only want to hear from established authors or celebrities, so I decided to self-publish.

“I found an illustrator in Cranfield who did the front cover for me.

“I am considering writing the sequel, of course I’d love for someone to come in a help fund it or help with the marketing, but it may focus on someone else in the story.

“I’d love for the book to be successful but at least I can say that I have achieved a lifetime goal of having published my own book.”

For a sample of the book, visit www.authorsonline.co.uk, where it is available to buy, and from Amazon.